Easter Hats For Women

Accessorizing outfits with magnificent bonnets and hats is an activity that many women enjoy during Easter time. The most traditional types of Easter hats are the bonnet and this is both for women and children. You can make your own design out of a plain hat, if you are considering wearing it during Easter. You should have a little bit of creativity with decorating these items.

Flowers and Ribbons

Adding flowers and a touch of color to your plain straw hat will make you feel the new spring season. For your straw hat you can use real, silk or paper flowers. You can use a glue gun to add them to the circumference of the hat brim. You can even use a staple gun or pins. Different types of flowers can be used like daisies, roses, and lilies. Choosing the right type of flower is essential. To top off your look you can add colorful silk or satin. To create an under-the-chin, traditional Easter bonnet tie, make sure that you use the ribbon.


Creating a hat with bunny bears will bring the Easter bunny to life. If you use a pink and white felt or construction paper you can design the ears elegantly. You can staple, glue or sew them to a baseball cap or straw hat. You can place the bunny ears on a wide headband if your child refuses to wear the hat.


The popular animals found in Easter celebrations are baby chicks. A baseball cap can be designed to become a chick hat. Using an orange construction paper, you can make an orange chick beak and then you can tape, staple, or glue it to the brim of the cap. For the eyes you can use black felt or you can try a plastic googly eye at the local craft store. You can place it on either side of the cap. To complete the look, glue yellow feathers to the top of the hat.

Easter Basket

For a hat you can make your own Easter basket. Using a plain straw hat with a wide brim is the right way to start. Gluing a green or other pastel-colored grass around the brim creates a good nest foundation. The basket can be added with bunnies or tiny stuffed chicks.

Easter Sunday is no exception when wearing a hat to church on Sundays. The first sign of spring fashion are Easter church hats. Easter has been a holiday that women wear stylish and beautiful hats for so many years. A great way to add to your Easter hat collection is a vintage Easter church hat. In order to preserve them, most women keep their Easter hats boxed up very carefully this is why vintage hats are in excellent condition. They are even almost brand new in most cases. Over the years, hat styles have changed so if you are looking for a specific style you can try searching online because they have a lot of options for you.

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